Moroccan Rugs - Melbourne, Australia

Nouvelle Nomad is an Australian brand based between Melbourne, Australia and Marrakech Morocco. We specialise in a unique collection of both authentic vintage and contemporary style Moroccan rugs that not only add character, warmth and texture your home but also tell a rich story of cultural and artistic heritage.

Step into the beautiful world of Moroccan textiles with our selection of authentic vintage Moroccan carpets. Among them, the well known Boujad rugs stand out as statement pieces, boasting vibrant naturally plant and vegetable dyed colours and intricate patterns full of Berber symbology. In particular our collection of Peach & Pink Moroccan rugs. These vintage treasures are more than just floor coverings; they're pieces of art that infuse warmth and character into your interiors.

For those who crave a burst of colour and personality, our collection of Bright and Colourful Moroccan carpets is full of bold artistic creations. Handwoven by skilled artisans using traditional techniques, these rugs boast bold designs and playful motifs that make them true works of art, bringing an eclectic charm to your home.

Discover the whimsical charm of Azilal rugs, handcrafted by the women of the Berber tribes of the mountainous Azilal region. With their unique designs in both colourful pallets and earthy tones, these iconic vintage Berber rugs add a touch of bohemian style to any room, making them perfect for those who love layered and  maximalist interiors.

Transport yourself to the Atlas Mountains with the always popular Beni Ourain carpets, featuring thick natural 100% wool and intricate patterns in earthy tones that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the Beni Ourain tribes. Handwoven using traditional techniques passed down through generations, these mostly black and white Moroccan rugs are a testament to the timeless artistry of Berber carpet weaving.

Looking for sustainable design options? Our collection of Moroccan rugs includes Boucherouite rugs or Moroccan "rag rugs" are made from recycled materials such as left over scraps of fabrics, cotton and wool. Each rug is a unique masterpiece featuring one-of-a-kind designs that add texture and personality to your space while staying eco-friendly. The ultimate in sustainable homewares.

Our collection of authentic Moroccan rugs in both Melbourne, Australia and Marrakech, Morocco have something for every interior design enthusiast and vintage rug lover.

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