Vintage Azilal Rug 75x120 | Nouvelle NomadVintage Azilal Rug 75x120 | Nouvelle Nomad
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Vintage Azilal Rug 105x170Vintage Azilal Rug 105x170
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Boujad Runner 70x190Boujad Runner 70x190
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Vintage runner 85x220Vintage runner 85x220
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Boucherouite Runner 80x220Boucherouite Runner 80x220
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Vintage Boujad 110x190Vintage Boujad 110x190
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Add colour and texture with a bright, bold and colourful Moroccan rug.

The Brights Collection is full of bold boucherouites, artistic Azilals and brilliant Boujad creations in a kaleidoscope of colour. Hand woven, one of a kind art works full of history and character.

Our unique collection of authentic vintage Moroccan rugs and runners originate from the traditional hand craft regions of Morocco.

Shop bright and colourful Moroccan rugs online or visit our Melbourne showroom.

Prices include free Australia wide shipping for orders over $150.

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