Azilal Rugs

These often whimsical and playfully designed wool rugs come from the Azilal region of the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Handwoven on traditional looms made from wispy hand-spun 100% wool from the local region. The newer pieces sometimes made with mixed materials incorporating cottons and yarns through the backing of the wool surface.

The natural cream and black and white coloured rugs often have simple geometric line work and freeform diamond shapes. Light weight and textural low pile surface, making them a great options for bedrooms, studies and creative studios. Or hung on the wall as a beautiful unique piece of wall art.

The bright and colourful Azilal rugs with their bold abstract designs tell tales of the surrounding mountains. The sometimes crazy colour combinations ahead of their time, these rugs are perfect in vintage and retro style interiors and modern design homes alike.

We also offer custom made Azilal rugs in our custom rug program. Handmade on traditional looms specially for you in standard sizes, or to your size and colour specifications with a lead time of 2-3 months.

We ship globally including to Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, UK and Europe.

Worldwide shipping available via DHL from Marrakech, Morocco.


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