We know buying a rug is an investment you want to carefully consider - so what ever we can do to help we're more than happy to.

Any questions you have about any of our items, their origins, where and how we source, or how to care for your treasure - please get in contact at any time.


If the rug isn't quite right for the space or cushions not the right colour - that's OK! Just get in contact within 14 days of receiving your delivery, to co-odinate the return of the items for a full refund.

Just make sure they're in original condition with no signs of new wear.

Nouvelle Nomad rugs and textiles are either authentic vintage finds, or crafted from vintage textiles. So signs of wear and age must be expected, and are what add to our items' beauty, character and value.

If however any of our workmanship is found to be faulty - please get in contact. We offer repairs or returns depending on the fault.


For items located in Australia, GST and standard shipping via Australia Post is included in the price of all our items. Please allow up to 10 days to receive your order to give us time to properly package and send to you.

If you are in Melbourne you are also welcome to arrange pick up from one of our locations (Mornington or Collingwood)

If you are located outside of Australia please get in contact for an international shipping quote.



For items located in Morocco and for our sourcing clients - we offer a pre-sale price + international shipping, which is available world wide via DHL.

Pre-sale means the item has not been sent to Australia yet, so has not had costs like import duties and Australian handling costs added to the price. It may still need a wash and minor repairs before being packaged to send to you. So please allow up to 2 weeks for this to be done.

If you have purchased a pre-sale item it does not include the price of shipping. You will be quoted shipping once we receive your order and have your location/address to be able to give you an accurate quote. Import duties may be payable depending on your country.

As a guide:

DHL shipping from Marrakech to Australia takes 7-10 days

5kg / $155 AUD

10kg / $230 AUD

15kg / $300 AUD

20kg / $370 AUD

25kg / $450 AUD

30kg / $548 AUD


All our rugs and textiles are hand washed in Marrakech before being shipped around the world. Any repairs required are hand done by skilled artisans and in the traditional methods to best suit the treasure and it's origins.

Washing usually involves a large broom and warm soapy water to brush out any dirt or stains, before being hung out to dry on a roof top in the Marrakech sun.



We recommend only ever using water and mild soapy water to spot clean your treasures. The natural dyes are colour fast, but chemical cleaners and vintage treasures are definitely not friends - so keep cleaning to the basics.

Rugs should be vacuumed regularly, and hung outside in the sunshine and fresh air to be given a beating every so often to freshen them up and get rid of loose dirt.

If they're getting a bit smelly or need a deeper clean - mobile carpet steam cleaning services are an inexpensive option (no chemicals).

Otherwise if stains aren't budging - take to a professional carpet cleaning service in your area - there's plenty around.


Leave your details below. We look forward to hearing from you!