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Handwoven vintage Moroccan rugs and artisan made wares. Sustainably handmade treasures for your home and for your travels.

Est. 2016

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Beldi Recycled Glassware

Artisan made in Morocco from recycled glass bottles in traditional mouth-blown techniques.


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Goodbye Fitzroy! - Nouvelle Nomad

Goodbye Fitzroy!

It's been a year... A big year. We took the shell of an old screen printers workshop, cleaned it up and turned it into a wonderland of textures and...

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Moroccan Earthquake Relief - Nouvelle Nomad

Moroccan Earthquake Relief

It's been a whole week now since the 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit just south of Marrakech in the El Haouz region. If Morocco and her people have a...

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Stories from the road and some inspiration for your next trip to Magical Morocco.

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48 Hours In Colourful Hanoi - Nouvelle Nomad

48 Hours In Colourful Hanoi

There's so much to Hanoi, the historic major hub of the North of Vietnam. We spent an overwhelmingly large amount of time on this trip walking the ...

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About us

Hello! I'm Bridget

Nouvelle Nomad is Australia's home of beautiful authentic vintage Moroccan rugs based in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Since 2016 I've been partnering with local family businesses, artisan makers and specialty carpet traders here in Morocco to curate this special collection from the mountains, the deserts, the carpet auctions and the souks.

Always with the same ethos in mind - a focus on authentic vintage and sustainably handmade. Celebrating the beautiful treasures that already exist in this world rather than producing more.

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