Boujad Rugs

Boujad rugs and carpets, originating from the Boujad region of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, are among the most well known of the vintage Moroccan rug styles.

Handwoven using 100% wool, naturally plant and vegetable dyed, these rugs are a beautiful example of Berber women's artisanship and weaving traditions. The Boujad region is known for its distinctive weaving techniques, producing rugs in their own unique recognisable patterns and vibrant colours.

Ideal for a range of uses, from dining areas to bedrooms and medium-traffic lounge areas, Boujad rugs offer a bright and colourful addition to a space with their beautiful bold designs. Smaller sizes are perfect for adding character to kids' bedrooms, nurseries, or creative studios.

Characterised by their rich colour palettes ranging from soft faded back pinks, to vibrant reds and warm golden tones, through to rich berry and purple colours. Boujad rugs feature intricate designs that often include large central diamond shapes and free form lozenge motifs, traditional Berber symbology throughout telling stories of fertility, strength, and family events like marriage.

The pile height of a Boujad rug varies, from low flat kilim like surfaces to medium weight loop knots and thick fluffy high pile textures, often finished with hand-plaited tassels or natural wool fringe at one end.

Crafted using specific hand weaving and knotting techniques by skilled artisans, Boujad rugs reflect a rich artisan heritage and can take weeks to months to complete, making each rug a unique piece of art to be treasured.

The older 1960s and 1970s aged vintage Boujad rugs are becoming harder to find now in excellent original condition. Due to their increase in demand they've become increasingly valuable and highly collectable for the lovers of authentic vintage rugs.

Sizes typically range from long narrow hall runner shapes measuring up to 4 meters in length, to small bedside shaped mini rugs. Medium and large sized area rugs generally measure 1.5 x 2.5 meters through to extra large 2 x 4 meter creations. The largest rugs not usually any wider than 2 meters due to the old weaving looms.

Whether used in bright and bold maximalist interiors, eclectic tribal style homes, or modern bohemian spaces, both traditional and contemporary Boujad rugs add a layer of warmth, colour and texture that you just cant find in a commercially produced rug.

Because of their increase in popularity in recent years, commercial homeware brands often misappropriate and replicate the Boujad style, calling mass produced machine made rugs "Beni rugs" or "Berber rugs" diluting their cultural significance.

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