Filling Your Floor Cushion

Nouvelle Nomad cushions


There’s a few options available for stuffing your Nouvelle Nomad cushion, pouf or ottoman. We always prefer the environmentally conscious materials, and of course the most cost friendly options.


This is the method mostly used by Moroccan families, and our preferred way too. It creates a super comfortable, heavy and structured feel to your cushion. Help reduce landfill by re-using or recycling your old clothing, linen bed sheets, towels and other pre-loved fabric, which is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way


If you have these already you can absolutely re-use old pillows or new cushion inserts to stuff your cushion. While the exact size of your Nouvelle Nomad cushion will most likely not be available in a standard size from the shop - this is actually no problem. Go for a pillow size a couple of sizes bigger than your cushion, or use multiple inserts to get a really full, even feel.

For a 60x60x25 floor cushion you can fill with 2 x 70cm square inserts from any supplier like IKEA or Lincraft, and pad it out with additional linen, clothing or other recycled fabrics.  


This option is more expensive - but gives a nice even fill and weight. Look online for DIY upholstery suppliers and craft shops that stock coconut fibre or flock.

Rubber suppliers like Clarke Rubber also sell bags of foam offcuts that can be used, but I would always suggest mixing a bag of foam with an equal mix of recycled cotton fibres so the cushion is still breathable.


While a completely viable option, it’s not a method we use ourselves - manufactured polystyrene (EPS) bean bag balls aren't environmentally friendly for our oceans and beaches, or the wildlife and marine animals that can swallow them. Plus we don’t really like that crunchy sound in our cushions ;)


Nouvelle Nomad cushions


Each Nouvelle Nomad cushion has been skilfully handmade in Marrakech from specially selected premium vintage rugs and textiles chosen for the collection. Every piece completely unique and one of a kind, full of it's own history and character.

Creating the collection is a slow and deliberate process - First sourcing the carpets that will be used, chosen for their unique design work and wool quality. Often using the treasures I've found for the rug collection but that have a hole or mark that's too much work to repair. Repurposing these beautiful artworks to give them another life.

The colours and designs are chosen to create a collection that's easy to mix and match together, and easy to create a beautiful seating or lounge area in your home, or next bohemian styled gathering or event.

Often I'll have a few different sizes cut from the same carpet, so you can choose a few different sizes to mix together like large floor cushions, poufs, and smaller couch and pillow sizes.

Most cushions will feature a premium 100% wool vintage Moroccan rug on the front. With premium vintage Berber blankets used as the backing. With many other items often available not shown on the site.

We offer custom orders for trade and industry partners, and are happy to chat any time to suggest the colours, sizes and styles you're looking for for your project or event.

 Nouvelle Nomad cushions

Nouvelle Nomad cushions


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