Where Nouvelle Nomad began

The carpet souk in Marrakech
In 2016 on my second trip to Morocco, I launched Nouvelle Nomad as a side project. On a solo week long adventure to Marrakech I got lost in the winding streets, ate at the food stalls, drank the fresh orange juice in the square, shared tea with shop owners in the carpet souk.
I bought handmade leather boots and bags direct from the makers. Searched through thousands of rugs to find the perfect pieces for my first collection.
Fresh Orange Juice in the Square
Jmaa El Fna Square in Marrakech at SunsetLeather bags in the the souk in Marrakech

Hand made Moroccan leather boots

Hardly anyone in Morocco was selling their rugs on Instagram or online back then. Finding suppliers to work with was the old school way - walking into a shop and striking up a conversation in a mix of French, English and my extremely basic level of Moroccan Arabic, negotiating prices over mint tea.

The joy was in searching through the piles and piles to find the gems with just the right amount of softened age to them.

Rolls of carpetsNouvelle Nomad in a rug shop sitting on a pile of vintage carpets
I came across these photos this week from that trip, well before I knew where this adventure would eventually take me. The people I would meet, the travels and the experiences that I’ve so gratefully had over the years in Morocco.

Yes there’s the beautiful riads and rooftop restaurants that get shared across Instagram. But it’s these scenes that are the ones that sucked me in and dragged me back to Morocco time and time again.
The carpet souk in Marrakech 2016
It’s been 2 long years since I jumped on that flight to come back to Australia for a “two week trip home”, locking up my apartment in Marrakech and expecting to see it again a few weeks later. 🤪

Well it’s time! With both the Aussie and Moroccan borders finally open again, my flight is booked and I’m getting back to where it all began. See you soon Morocco, we’ve got lots to catch up on

The carpet souk in Marrakech

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