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Friends! I'm excited to let you know that the next delivery of the new collection has landed in Australia and there are some BEAUTIES.

This drop is a peachy perfect collection of vintage area rugs and runners aged 30 - 50 years. With beautiful bohemian and tribal design work - gorgeous quality hand knotted and hand spun wool with incredible texture and aged beauty.

Each piece has been carefully selected for it's own unique qualities, story, history and character. They are genuine and authentic vintage artworks made by real people, with real hands, for their own homes and personal purposes - well before they've made their way to the carpet auctions of the mountains and souks of the cities.

My trusty network of local rug hunters and collectors I work with to source the collection all know the style of rugs I like to find now - there's a pattern...

Many originating from the cities of Boujaad, Taznakht, Haouz and other areas of the Atlas Mountains. Each with their own distinct style and artistry. I usually favour the 30-50 year old treasures with unique designs, traditional flat weave or goats wool ends and tassels in tact, large diamond and lozenge shapes and beautiful soft faded tones that work so well in Australia's beach houses, period homes and warehouse conversions. And I must say I've gotten pretty good over the years at picking the unicorns out from beneath a dusty piles...

The process of curating these rugs is a slow and mindful one. I love the end to end journey these special pieces go on. From their family origins out in the mountain regions - to the carpet souks and roof tops of Marrakech where we drink mint tea sharing languages and tagines, unfolding 100s or even 1000s of carpets to find the right ones, before washing and repairing and hanging them out to dry in the Marrakech sun.

Then on to photographing them in special locations around the city, collaborating with local creatives and photographers, and celebrating Marrakech's beautiful riads, architecture and dusty pink streets. Before they make their way to the Melbourne showroom or on to beautiful new homes in Australia and around the world, where they will be loved and cherished forever.

I can't wait to see where these new treasures end up - it's a genuine joy to hear from a happy new client to say we've found them their unicorn.

So I hope one from this new collection is yours...

x Bridget

Photography: @leonie_marrakech

Location: Nosade yoga riad, Marrakech


Nouvelle Nomad

Nouvelle NomadNouvelle NomadNouvelle NomadNouvelle NomadNouvelle NomadNouvelle NomadNouvelle NomadNouvelle Nomad

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