Nouvelle Nomad

Vintage Beni MGuild Rug - Blue & Pink


A beautiful tonal vintage Beni MGuild rug in a soft pallet of pink and blue with charcoal criss cross design work.

Plush and densely knotted 100% wool with a low pile surface. Perfect for dining areas, busy living spaces and lounge rooms.

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Product Details

  • Origin: Beni MGuild Middle Atlas
  • 100% wool
  • Natural plant and vegetable dyes
  • Handmade in Morocco
  • Handwoven one of a kind

All Nouvelle Nomad rugs are hand washed and repaired by our artisan partners in Marrakech with traditional techniques and materials that best suit the original weaving style, wool and dyes.

Beni MGuild Rugs

Authentic vintage Beni MGuild rugs are recognisable be their typical linear geometric pattern work and high wool content. Originating from the Beni MGuild of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

Handwoven on traditional looms by women of the Berber tribes. Perfectly imperfect and full of history and character.

Beni MGuild carpets are suitable for large lounge areas, dining tables and open plan spaces. They often have thick and dense low pile style of weaving, making them heavy weighted and practical for busy living areas.


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