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Beni Ourain Rug - Shaggy White


Beni Ourain rug with a thick shaggy pile of 100% sheeps wool.

Authentic 1970s aged vintage rug in natural un-dyed creamy white colour with stars and diamonds showing through the black geometric design on the under side.

Medium sized rug prefect for cosy lounge rooms, bedrooms and creative studios.

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Product Details

  • Authentic vintage: aged 40-50 years 1970s
  • Origin: Beni Ourain Middle Atlas Mountains
  • Natural 100% wool
  • Sustainably handmade in Morocco
  • Handwoven one of a kind

All Nouvelle Nomad rugs are hand washed and repaired by our artisan partners in Marrakech with traditional techniques and materials that best suit the original weaving style, wool and dyes.

Beni Ourain Rugs

Handwoven in the Beni Ourain region of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Beni Ourain carpets are some of the most sort after of the vintage Moroccan rug styles.

These iconic black and white rugs are popular with architectural designers, minimal Scandinavian and Mediterranean style homes, and bohemian or tribal interiors lovers alike.

Often called Beni rugs, these premium Berber carpets are made from 100% un-dyed natural sheeps wool from the region and on the most part do not shed.

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