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Beni Ourain rugs and Marmoucha tribe rugs are some of the most sort after of the Berber rugs and vintage Moroccan rug styles.

Hand woven from thick 100% natural un-dyed sheeps wool. Beni Ourain carpets originate from the mountainous Beni Ourain region of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco where cold Winters call for thick wool carpets for warmth.

The larger sized Beni rugs are ideal for dining area rugs, master bedrooms and high traffic lounge area rugs with their cosy thick wool. The smaller sized rugs perfect for kids bedrooms and nurseries or a beautiful feature rug for your creative studio or study.

These classic black and white Moroccan rugs range in colour from a creamy natural white base through to darker honey tones. With simple line work in criss cross diamonds, linear and geometric designs in natural black, grey, brown and caramel coloured wool.

The wool pile of Beni Ourain carpets can range from a low flat surface area, to cosy medium pile through to a thick shag pile rug. Often finished with hand plaited tassels or natural wool fringe at one end.

An authentic Beni Ourain carpet uses a very specific weaving and knotting style by the women of the Beni Ourain tribe, using 100% wool from the sheep of the region. Often taking weeks to months to produce one carpet. Truly a masterpiece of traditional weaving techniques and artisan craft.

The older antique Beni Ourain carpets and mid-century Beni Ourain rugs aged between 50 - 80 years old are now considered highly collectable. As they become harder to come across they also increase in value when they are found in excellent original condition.

The vintage Beni Ourain style rugs are often quite narrow and long shaped rugs due to the width of the old style weaving looms and traditional Moroccan architecture. Usually measuring around 1.8 - 2 meters in width, and up to 4.5 meters in length. 

Newly made rugs from Beni Ourain are an excellent quality option for those wanting larger area sized rugs in a 3 x 4m size for example. We offer Bani Ourain rugs made to order to your size specifications with a lead time of 2-3 months in our Custom Rugs collection.

These new make rugs are not to be confused with the white wool rugs being made in the Boujad region of Morocco which are made in a very different quality and style.

Both traditional and contemporary Beni Ourain rugs are a favourite feature in architectural design magazines, minimal Scandinavian and Mediterranean style homes and bohemian tribal interiors.

With their rise in popularity over the last few decades, the Beni Ourain style is unfortunately often replicated and misappropriated, called a "Beni rug" or "Berber rug" by commercial homewares brands and mass-produced carpet retailers who manufacture in India and other regions.

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