Nouvelle Nomad has been built from a love and appreciation of vintage, hand made and one of a kind.
Sharing in the the joys of travel and adventure. And the connections made with people and places along the way.
In aligning with our ethics and values we take our environmental and social responsibilities seriously, and are proud of the way our business operates.



Nouvelle Nomad rugs are vintage, one of a kind, hand made items.

Buying vintage closes a loop and taps into a beautiful sustainable resource that already exists in this world rather than producing more.

Mostly aged between 30 - 80 years old, our rugs have been handwoven by women from local hand spun wool, and with natural dyes and colours.

We work with local family run businesses and partners in Morocco to source directly from traditional hand craft regions and artisan communities. Working closely with our suppliers to carefully describe and correctly represent our products and their origins. 

For new products we upcycle vintage rugs and textiles, and work with local makers to produce. Our leather products are hand made in the souks by local artisans using locally tanned leather and vintage textiles.

And for our repairs we work with skilled artisans who hand wash and repair the rugs in traditional methods, so as to carefully preserve and closely match repairs to the original weaving and materials as possible.

1% for the Planet member


As a member of 1% for the Planet, 1% of total revenue is pledged towards environmental causes through the program's approved charities and not for profits.

We're always actively working through ways to lighten our footprint, choosing the more sustainable option that reduces waste and carbon emissions from travel and the supply chain.

Where that's not possible, we reduce our impact with carbon offsetting through Green Fleet planting native trees.

1% for the Planet




The local connections and relationships we've built over the years through business and travels are everything. Nouvelle Nomad exists because of these friendships, the face to face time spent together, and the knowledge that has been generously shared.

Transparency of how and where we source has always been important. Continuing to work with carefully selected partners and suppliers since launching in 2016.

We regularly contribute to not for profit organisations that give back to the places and communities that welcome us.

Two causes we love to support and that you may want to support too are:

The Amal non profit in Marrakech. Empowering women through culinary skills, and regular food drives for local families in need. (You should visit their lovely restaurant in Marrakech next time you're there!)

And the The Marrakech Artisan Fund - supporting Marrakech based artisans and their families affected by border closures and lock downs through the Covid pandemic.

Drinking mint tea in Marrakech 

What's next in 2022 and beyond

We're currently working towards adding new products and services to our offering this year. In a way that sustainably and responsibly grows both our business and our partner's.

With the world opening up again the way we return to tourism and the places we love 

We look forward to showing you what we've been working on!