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About - Our Market Baskets

The Basket Souk Marrakech - The Spice Square | Nouvelle Nomad

All About: Our Market Baskets - Artisan Made In Morocco.

If you have a love for bringing your travels into your home and global-inspired interiors, our market baskets are the perfect embodiment of classic French style and traditional Moroccan handcrafts.

Crafted with skill, love and care by our artisan weaving partners in Marrakech, woven from dried palm leaves and featuring genuine leather handles, these baskets not only make a beautiful addition to your home but also support slow and sustainable production practices.


Where Our Market Baskets Are Made - Marrakech, Morocco

One of the most iconic scenes in Marrakech medina is the historic entrance to the basket souk, located just off the hustle and bustle of the Spice Square, Rahba Kedima.

Baskets of all shapes, sizes and functions hanging, stacked and over flowing into the street. Artisan weavers working away behind the scenes.

Marrakech is a city of traders and makers. The surrounding villages and rural areas home to cooperatives and workshops where the handcrafts that Morocco is famous for are made and packaged up for local and international export around the world.

We partner with a group of artisan basket weavers in Marrakech to produce our market basket collection. With funds going directly to the makers, not a 3rd party distributer.


How Our Market Baskets Are Made

Each individual market basket in our collection is woven by hand. The process begins with the selection of dried palm leaves, known for their strength and durability, making them an ideal material for creating long-lasting baskets.

The handwoven nature makes each basket a unique piece of functional art. It's imperfections adding character and a touch of earthy rustic style.

Leather handles are added made from soft naturally vegetable tanned goats leather which is abundantly and sustainably farmed through out Morocco for food.

Each basket represents hours of work and a true labor of love. By owning one of our market baskets, you not only bring home a beautiful piece of handcraft but also support the livelihoods of the talented artisans who create them.


How to Care for Your Market Basket

To ensure that your market basket remains in excellent condition for years to come, a little care goes a long way. Here are some tips for maintaining and preserving its condition:

  1. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods, as it may cause sun bleaching and become brittle and damaged over time.
  2. Clean your basket gently with a soft brush to remove sand or use a damp cloth, if necessary. Avoid using harsh chemicals or soaking it in water.
  3. Allow your basket to air dry completely if it gets wet to prevent mould or mildew.
  4. When not in use, store your basket in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat or humidity.
  5. Embrace the natural ageing process of your market basket. Over time, it may develop a patina and subtle changes that add to its unique character and charm.

We hope that this guide gives you some insight into the care, craftsmanship, origin, sustainability, and care of our market baskets.

Shop our collection of market baskets and bring your travels and love of sustainable global interiors into your home!


French Market Baskets | Nouvelle Nomad

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