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Each of our treasures is a one of a kind, hand woven artwork originating from the various regions and Berber tribes of the Atlas Mountains, deserts and traditional handcraft regions of Morocco. Full of history and character, and perfectly aged in all the right places.
Specialising in vintage, the unique and hard to find, our collection is just a small example of the hundreds of different weaving styles, designs and wool qualities available in both traditional and modern made Moroccan rugs. And while new-make rugs are readily available, we love to find new homes for the beautiful treasures that already exist in this world rather than producing more. Selecting each and every piece for it's authenticity, quality and design - with the modern Australian home and aesthetic in mind.
Often aged between 30 and 70 years old, many of our pieces have been handwoven by Berber women and families many years ago for personal use in the home, to mark an occasion like a birth or wedding, or for trade - and have had a life well lived before making their way to the carpet auctions in the mountains, and the souks of the major cities.
Each of our rugs is hand washed and repaired in traditional methods here in Morocco before being shipping to Australia or their new homes around the world. With collections based in both Melbourne and Marrakech, world wide shipping is available as well as sourcing services for your home or design project.
Get in touch any time with any questions you might have about our collection or what other items we have available that may not be on the site.
 Nouvelle Nomad
Nouvelle NomadNouvelle Nomad
Hi I'm Bridget - based somewhere in the world between Melbourne and Marrakech.
Since 2016 I've been partnering with my network of local family run businesses, professional rug hunters and carpet traders here in Morocco to curate this unique collection from the mountains, the carpet auctions and the souks.
Nouvelle Nomad started as a side project while living in south west of France, in the beautiful Basque country, and working in the global surf industry as the trade marketing director at Quiksilver and Roxy.
On a few special trips to Morocco, I was sharing my travels while hunting for vintage and artisan made treasures in the souks for my apartment in Biarritz, and for friends back in Australia - and just like that the obsession with these beautiful textiles, the vibrant city of Marrakech and adventures in magical Morocco began.
In 2017 I went out on my own to launch my brand consultancy - and now work with businesses in the outdoor, fashion and lifestyle industries from small scale start ups through to large scale global organisations. You can find out more about that over www.bridgetjohn.com.au
Over the last 5 years my travels to Morocco kept extending out to months at a time - taking the time to slowly explore, experience and discover all that this city and country has to offer. Until in 2019 I set up a more permanent base in Marrakech, and now spend my time between Morocco and Australia usually holding pop-ups and events each year when back in Melbourne.
Always with plenty of projects on the go on both sides of the world - I love nothing more than collaborating and connecting with like minded travellers, business owners and roaming creatives. I'd love to hear from you if I can ever help you with finding that special piece for your home, need some help with your adventurous project or brand, or if you're passing through the same part of the world as me
x Bridget
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