Adding colour to your home is as easy as a Moroccan rug

Nouvelle Nomad Vintage Moroccan Boujad Rug

Adding colour to your home is as easy as a gorgeous bold, artistic and textural vintage Moroccan rug.

The beautiful balance between old and new. Contemporary style and classic design. Trends versus timeless. Go maximalist or minimalist - it's up to you.

Just don't be scared to add a splash of colour to brighten up your world.

The practical benefits of adding rugs and textiles to your space is that they're of course transportable. Take them with you to your next rental property, or move them into the next room as your tastes, the season or your mood changes. You wont be stuck with a colour decision for years to come like you are with painting a wall.

If you're not sure where to start with finding the right piece for your home, here's a few examples of where our treasures have landed that show finding a rug that adds colour and suits your own personal style may be easier than you think.

Nouvelle Nomad Vintage Moroccan Runner

Photo: Nouvelle Nomad shot by CC Studio at Blondes Garage

Rug: Nouvelle Nomad vintage Moroccan Azilal Runner



Centering an art piece in a room can provide the right direction for choosing the perfect shade of rug. Go tonal by choosing a piece that pairs to the colours in your artwork, picking up on the subtle details.

Or pick out highlight colours to match to that can lift the eye from the rug to the wall.

Considering that vintage rugs are artworks in themselves, you may even decide to hang yours on your wall. The smaller Azilal pieces are great for this as they're generally lighter in weight with their finely spun wool, rather than the larger and thicker wool styles.

One Mani House Fitzroy North Nouvelle Nomad Blue Azilal Rug

Photo: Mani Architecture project One Mani House, Fitzroy North

Rug: Nouvelle Nomad Vintage Moroccan Azilal Rug

Lumierre Art & Co

Photo: Lumierre Art & Co campaign shoot, shot by Green House Interiors

Rug: Nouvelle Nomad Vintage Moroccan Boujad Rug



If you're a pro at playing with colour and print, clashing patterns and designs may be the way to go for you.

Pair fresh bedding and textiles from your favourite homewares brand with your vintage pieces to create an eclectic and maximalist look. No crazy pairing is out of bounds.

Light weight cotton Boucherouite (Moroccan rag rugs, made from hand-knotting upcycled strips of bright cottons and yarns) are a great solution for kids rooms and colourful family living spaces. As a more affordable option that allows you to change up your style or colour preferences as often as you like.

Gorman Home Bedding Nouvelle Nomad Vintage Moroccan Azilal Rug

Photo: Gorman Kids campaign shoot. More inspo here from: Gorman Home

Rug: Nouvelle Nomad Vintage Boucherouite Rug

Gorman Home Nouvelle Nomad Azialal Rug

Photo: Gorman Home campaign shoot. More inspo here from: Gorman Home

Rug: Nouvelle Nomad Vintage Azilal Rug



Whether you're going for light bright and airy with soft linens and natural timber, or moody and romantic with rich dark tones. Choosing a colourful rug for the bedroom is the finishing touch that creates a luxurious space you'll love.

Vintage Boujad rugs with their natural plant dyes in rich purples, plums and natural reds, and their recognisable large central lozenge shape designs add soft tonal colour and easy on the eye design work that won't take over a space. Their thick wooly weave beautiful to feel under your feet as you wake up in the morning.

Adding a thick and wooly Beni MGuild style rug with their typical linear design work can soften a space without adding too much pattern and colour. A great option for larger spaces and those who like more subtle colour.

Nouvelle Nomad Vintage Boujad Rug Mark Tuckey

Photo: Nouvelle Nomad at Mark Tuckey

Rug: Nouvelle Nomad Vintage Moroccan Boujad Rug

Nouvelle Nomad Vintage Beni MGuild Vintage Moroccan Rug Mark Tuckey Fitzroy

Photo: Nouvelle Nomad at Mark Tuckey

Rug: Nouvelle Nomad Vintage Moroccan Beni MGuild Rug



Adding a bold statement piece to your Air BnB or rental accomodation lifts online photography, and creates a focal point for your main living areas. A memorable visual que for clients to remember your property by.

Dressing a blank space with practical yet "wow" vintage pieces can instantly give your property a colourful lift.

Flat woven kilim rugs and the thicker weave Boujad and Beni MGuild styles will last the distance with high foot traffic lounge areas while remaining to look good for years to come.

The Hill at Red Hill Nouvelle Nomad Boujad Rug

Photo: Nouvelle Nomad shot by CC Studio at The Hill at Red Hill 

Rug: Nouvelle Nomad vintage Boujad Rug

Maa Fitzroy Air BnB Nouvelle Nomad Vintage Moroccan Rug

Photo: Maa Fitzroy Air BnB

Rug: Nouvelle Nomad Vintage Rhamna Rug 

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