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Nouvelle Nomad 2019 Marrakech collection


Hello! I'm Bridget.

Founder of Nouvelle Nomad based somewhere between Melbourne and Marrakech.

I created Nouvelle Nomad back in 2016 as a way to share the joys of travel and adventure, while collecting beautiful vintage and handmade treasures along the way.

Partnering with local family businesses, artisan makers and specialist carpet traders here in Morocco to source this unique collection from the traditional handcraft regions of the mountains, the deserts, the carpet auctions and the souks.

Always with the same ethos in mind - a focus on authentic vintage and sustainably handmade pieces for your home, and for your travels.



A selection of our Australian base collection is available to view in store at the Mark Tuckey Melbourne showroom.

4 Anderson Road Thornbury

Open 10 - 5pm Thursday to Saturday

Nouvelle Nomad 2019 Marrakech collection


Nouvelle Nomad rugs are vintage, one of a kind, hand made artworks. Mostly aged between 30 - 80 years old, handwoven by Berber women long ago from local hand spun wool, and with natural dyes and colours.

Each rug in our collection has been hand washed and repaired in Marrakech in traditional methods, so as to carefully preserve and closely match repairs to the original weaving and materials as possible.

With many of these weaving styles no longer in use in newly made rugs, and the growth in popularity over the last few decades, authentic vintage is becoming harder to find. We work closely with our local sourcing partners to carefully describe and correctly represent our products, their estimated age and their origins.

For our cushion collections we up-cycle vintage carpets and textiles, and work with local makers to produce.

Our leather products are hand made in Marrakech by local artisans using naturally tanned leather and vintage textiles. 

And our ceramics collections are sourced directly from traditional artisan communities around Morocco.


The connections and relationships built over the years through business and travels are everything. Nouvelle Nomad exists because of these friendships, the face to face time spent together, and the knowledge that has been generously shared.

Transparency of how and where we source has always been important. Continuing to work with carefully selected partners and suppliers that share our values since launching in 2016.

1% for the Planet member


As a member of 1% for the Planet, 1% of total revenue is pledged towards environmental causes through the program's approved charities and not for profits.

We're always actively working through ways to lighten our footprint, choosing the more sustainable options that reduce waste and emissions from travel and logistics.

And reduce our impact by supporting native tree planting projects with Greenfleet.

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We regularly support not-for-profit organisations that give back to the communities that welcome us, and to those that aren't able to move so freely around the world.

A few causes in Morocco that I love to support and that you may want to support too are:

The Amal non profit in Marrakech. Empowering women through culinary skills, and regular food drives for local families in need. (You should visit their lovely restaurant in Marrakech next time you're there!)

And the The Marrakech Artisan Fund - supporting Marrakech based artisans and their families affected by border closures and lock downs through the Covid pandemic.

Nouvelle Nomad

My story - How I got here

At the time of starting Nouvelle Nomad in 2016 I was living and working in the Basque Coast of France, as a marketing director in the surf industry. I'd brought my first vintage rug home with me to my apartment in Biarritz from a trip to Morocco. And so the obsession with these beautiful textiles and the bohemian city of Marrakech began.

After a 15 year career with fashion brands and major retailers in Australia, the UK and Europe, being part of the endless cycle of mass production and seasonal campaigns was starting to no longer feel like it aligned with the impact I wanted to have in this lifetime.

So it was time to start on my own entrepreneurial journey. I set out to build a business that allowed me to follow my passion for slow and mindful travel, allowing me to regularly get lost in the world. And a brand that aligned with my own values, that supports slow production with local makers and celebrates the beautiful treasures that already exist in this world rather than producing more.

This business has been an incredible journey over the last 6 years. Starting with my solo travels that turned into 2, 3, 4 months at a time exploring all that this magical country has to offer, meeting an inspiring community of makers, creatives and entrepreneurs along the way. Until I eventually set up a home in Marrakech in 2019.

Covid changed all that and a 2 week trip home to Australia at the start of 2020 turned into 2 years. 6 Melbourne lock-downs, and a few pop-ups and events later and we're finally opening our first Nouvelle Nomad studio and event space here in the heart of Fitzroy. A place to gather, be inspired, and dream of next adventures. I can't wait to welcome you all - Opening Nov 2022!

Finally able to return to Morocco this year it's been such a joy to get back on the road, and back to working with friends and long time suppliers again to produce our Summer '22 collections and photoshoots.

I hope you'll love the new collections as much as I've loved creating them. And that some of my travel journals and stories from the road will encourage you to take that special trip to Morocco one day too to experience this magical country for yourself.

If you'd ever like to get in touch, you can drop me a line below or email

Or visit my other page over at where I offer strategy, advisory & projects - for adventurous brands.