Bohemian beauties

We love when our wares inspire creativity, wanderlust and adventure. And paired with our love of our instagram family, we always love seeing where Nouvelle Nomad treasures end up.
Two of our favourite features this year have been from instagram sensations in the bohemian home realm.
We've featured Lee AKA @whatever_happened_to_miss_wolf  host of #boldbohemians, and her ever changing bohemian home before
Here's some of the gorgeous images that have shown up on her instagram feed recently featuring our boucherouite rug and Moroccan wedding blanket - both which stirred up an instagram storm of love when she posted.
And Brandy Love AKA @the.hectic.eclectic
Is always surprising us with her ever changing bohemian maximalist home full of reclaimed and revived vintage furniture pieces, clever thrift finds, and her ever growing collection of Moroccan textiles from Nouvelle Nomad
Here's 5 minutes with Brandy about her home's style.
What do you call your style:
I like to call it Eclectic Boho Maximalist. 
Favourite pieces in your home:
This is going to sound so ironic but my favourite pieces are my Nouvelle Nomad goodies. Especially my Boujad cushions on my bed. But when it comes to furniture my favourite pieces would have to be my mid century cabinet in our playroom & my art deco cabinet in the living room.
Your tips on how to mix vintage with global treasures:
I just throw it all together and hope for the best. If it doesn't work I'll try and include a colour from the star piece and introduce that colour in a print or a decor piece. My living room rug for example has a lot of blue in it so I've added an African Shibro Cloth cushion on the couch to compliment the blue. I have also painted our bamboo ladder to match the lighter shade of blue in the rug. I've added small complimenting pieces to bring the room together but to also keep the rug as the star of the show.
Your favourite Nouvelle Nomad piece and different ways you’ve used it in your home:
My Boujad cushions move around our home the most, I'm always trying them in different rooms because I find that they can bring a room together so seamlessly. I've used them in the kids rooms, the living room and now they sit happily on my bed.
Give @the.hectic.eclectic a follow for daily inspiration, and check out her ever growing stash of Nouvelle Nomad treasures from boucherouite rugs, to Boujad cushions, floor cushions and Azilal bright beauties.
We're currently featuring a collection of boucherouite and Boujaad beauties inspired by our instagram fam.
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