A beautifully boho home

If you're following along on Instagram you probably seen this image do the rounds featuring one of our beautiful Moroccan wedding blankets sitting pretty in it's home with the gorgeous Lee, also known as @what_ever_happened_to_miss_wolf.
Lee's insta feed shares her beautifully boho home in Gippsland Victoria, along with her vintage finds and styling tips, and has one very loyal and loving following.

This photo of her bedroom with her new Nouvelle Nomad wedding blanket was the most liked image EVER on both Lee's page and the Nouvelle Nomad page, which means Lee is doing something right! 

Here's 5 minutes with @what_ever_happened_to_miss_wolf on how to get her look:

What do you call your style?
I refer to my style as vintage boho. It's an eclectic blend of midcentury furnishings, with a smattering of modern pieces, tribal textiles and plants.

What are your favourite items in your house?
My home is a modern build with white walls, floor tiles throughout and is quite stark. Initially my vintage furniture clashed with the modern interior. It wasn't until I added a Moroccan Beni Mguild rug and Turkish kilim to my living/kitchen area that it all came together. There's a warmth and timeless yet contemporary quality to ethnic textiles, that lends itself beautifully to both modern and vintage spaces.

My love of vintage comes from a desire to decorate with unique pieces and to avoid buying generic, poorly made, throw away furniture and decor. There's a story behind every vintage piece and I adore that!

Cultural textiles are all handcrafted and no two pieces are alike. There's generations of skill and tradition involved in making each piece. It feels like a natural progression to have discovered a passion for them and for them to work so perfectly with my vintage style.

What do you love about your Nouvelle Nomad treasure?
In my bedroom I have traditional African mudcloth cushions sitting alongside my latest buy from Nouvelle Nomad...a vintage Moroccan teepee wedding blanket. I love imagining the young woman this blanket was made for, sitting under it on her wedding night. The detail of the coloured fringing, silver sequins, braiding and stunningly woven cloth takes my breath away! I have so many ideas for styling this beauty...as a throw over my blue velvet couch or hanging on the wall behind my bed as a bedhead.

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