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I'm currently deep in the thick of it on the search for the new collection, getting dirty and dusty in the souks, lost in the back streets, and sunburnt on the roof tops. I'm totally in my zone right now and loving it.

This place has a certain vibe to it that both gives me incredible energy, but forces me to slow down and go with the flow of life around here. Nothing is done in a hurry, or goes as expected, and is usually interrupted with tea drinking. So I'm officially on Moroccan time now.. and Moroccan Wifi. So if I'm a bit slow on the replies... that's why..

A few things to note:

1. I've started the week working on special requests for my sourcing clients - which may be you.... so if it is, expect an update from me in the next couple of days with some suggestions for you. I've found some absolute beauties I know are going to be just perfect for a few of you.

2. If that's not you - but you are in the market for your unicorn rug - now is the time to get in contact. Hit me back with a reply to let me know if there's a particular size, colour or design requirement... and also your budget. This is a great way for us to work together as I can keep an eye out for you on my travels.

3. I'll be shooting out a link to you all in the next week or so to the pre-sale collections as they're ready. I'll be offering the first of the new collection items at a pre-sale rate - on large area rugs, runners and floor cushions.

Pre-sale means you save *approximately* 30% off the regular Australian retail price buying from me now.

If buying pre-sale - It's no frills down and dirty iphone photography, and shipped to you direct from Morocco. The wash and repair is all done in the usual traditional methods here in Marrakech before shipping via DHL - so you're receiving the same quality item that you would in Australia. But for a pre-sale rate that doesn't have all the Aussie operating costs added to it. Win win for all of us.

4. Once the collection hits Australia in a few months time - it will be available to view in person at the Mark Tuckey showroom at 4 Anderson Road Thornbury, Melbourne, and of course available online.

I'm on the hunt for all the beautiful Boujaads, perfectly faded Beni MGuilds, creamy vintage Beni Ourains, bright and bold boucherouites and all the short/extra-long/faded/bright/skinny runners I can find!

So if you have your heart set on something, or spot an item in my instagram stories or in this email you like please get in contact now! These beauties won't last long...

Big love from Marrakech and looking forward to hearing from you. Will be sharing all the travels adventures and treasures over here on insta if you want to come and join me!

Have a fabulous weekend

x Bridget

Nouvelle Nomad Marrakech

Nouvelle Nomad MarrakechNouvelle Nomad MarrakechNouvelle Nomad Marrakech



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Good morning – I’m after a runner 60cm-65cm wide and up to 3m long. Not too bright colour wise but more muted colours. Will you have any in your collection when you return? Best regards

Vincent Chin September 29, 2019

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