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Vintage Moroccan Rugs

I occasionally get emails from people asking about our ethical and sustainability practices - It's great to know that people are investigating and questioning companies before buying from them, and I'm always happy and really proud to share the story of why Nouvelle Nomad was founded and provide transparency around my sourcing practices.

At Nouvelle Nomad we specialise in sourcing vintage rugs and textiles. 

You won't find a mass produced products here - just beautiful one of a kind treasures full of history and character, originating from the various regions and tribes of the traditional hand craft regions and Atlas Mountains of Morocco. My ethos has always been about finding and re-purposing what already exists in the world rather than manufacturing more.

Vintage Moroccan Rugs piled high

These incredible unique treasures are handwoven with 100% hand spun local wool, in a wide variety of styles and designs each unique to the women, families and tribes from the various regions who have woven the pieces as art, for use in the family home, or for selling at the carpet auctions for their family business.

Each piece is expertly and carefully hand repaired and washed in traditional methods and dried on the rooftops in the sunshine here in Marrakech - before being shipped to our clients world wide direct from Morocco or from our Australian Melbourne base.

Moroccan Rugs in Marrakech

I work with local Moroccan family businesses, rug merchants, professional rug hunters and collectors to source the range. I love uncovering the treasures that are unique and hard to find - the UNICORNS - and spend time to carefully curate the collection from the markets, souks of Marrakech and the carpet auctions of the Atlas Mountains.

You'll find me diving head first into dusty piles of treasures in showrooms, riads and warehouses, usually in my overalls, often looking through thousands of pieces before pulling out the chosen few. Most pieces dating back between 30-80 years old, all hand woven artworks full of history and character.

Nouvelle Nomad Rug Hunting in Marrakech

My story...  I dreamt up starting Nouvelle Nomad in 2016. At the time I was living and working as a marketing director in the global surf industry in the Sth West of France.

On a few incredible trips to Morocco I'd found myself treasure hunting for beautiful Moroccan textiles for my tiny French apartment and for friends requests back at home, and knew there was a gap in the market for a more sustainable and meaningful alternative to mass produced homewares and textiles back in Australia. 

After spending the best part of the last 15 years in the global fashion industry in retailing and marketing, I'd been on the hamster wheel for years creating endless seasonal marketing campaigns for products that would sit in store for a few weeks at full price only to be destined for the sale racks and for the whole process to start again.

I knew I wanted to be working on more meaningful projects that had less environmental impact and waste, and that tied my years of retailing with my love of travels and adventures. So I started with a small collection of 20 or so treasures I sourced on a trip to Marrakech on my way home from France to Australia for Christmas in 2016, quickly whipped up the website, and voilá, Nouvelle Nomad was born.

I still work with fashion and lifestyle brands through my brand consultancy. Favouring globally, environmentally and socially conscious and sustainable brands and products to work with.

Since 2016 I've continued to return to Morocco a few times a year, sometimes for moths at a time and spend time to slowly and carefully source the range, building my valued and trusted supplier network who I now call friends, experience and live the culture and learn more and more about the origins and stories of these special pieces. With so so so much more for me to still experience and learn. And love sharing the adventure over here on Instagram.

The rug gangVintage Moroccan rugs piled upNouvelle Nomad

Please get in contact at any time with any questions at all about the collection. I plan to share more and more of these treasures' stories and their origins this year as I continue to document and share the journey with you all. I'd love to hear what you would like to know more about and if you have any suggestions for the content you'd like to see more of from me this year.

As always, thanks for reading my long winded emails, it's a pleasure to have you along for the ride.

And I hope to hear from you soon!

x Bridget

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