For those that follow on Instagram - you may already have been along on the journey these last few months while I've been on the road. It was so great to hear from so many of you with your tips, and comments and well wishes!

Starting my trip in Paris back in August, on to Biarritz where I lived back in 2016, over to Barcelona, to the Greek islands, back to Spain and Ibiza - and I'm now based back on the beautiful Basque coast nestled between France and Spain.

The time traveling has been equal parts rest, work, adventure, inspiration and time to reflect on what's next - both for my business and me personally. And have come away with a fresh perspective and a head full of ideas and impatience with what's next for both Nouvelle Nomad and my other ventures.

Greece was incredible - the last time I was here was 15 years ago, working in bars over the Summer on the "party island" of Ios as a 21 year old.

Slightly different experience doing the Islands in your 30s and not as a back packer! And it was the perfect balance of adventure, good food, time with friends, solo time, beautiful sites, incredible weather and crystal blue ocean.

The Santorini sunset did not disappoint - and was an absolute long time bucket list item ticked.

But Milos was the highlight for me and for Bec - and possibly one of my favourite places I've traveled to to date - and that's a big call!

The incredible white volcanic rock formations, the beautiful landscape, the Greek locals on holiday vibe, fishing villages with fresh calamari hanging in the sun and the spectacular beaches. It won't be long before Milos is a staple on the tourist trail, so I'm glad we got there before it booms.

I've been spending some time journaling a bit about our travels and will be sharing some stories to the Nouvelle Nomad site this month once I get organised.
It's not a travel guide - there's enough of them out there. More a journal of some places I loved, some photos for inspiration for your next trip, some musings about the ups and downs of solo travel, tips for working from the road, and what it means to be "traveling" rather than "holidaying".

I'd love to inspire more women to take the plunge of taking that trip they've always dreamt of - alone or with a friend, to have the confidence to hit the road and explore.

So if this is something you'd love to hear more about let me know! I'll have those diary entries up on the site very soon.

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