New Collection - The first release

Nouvelle Nomad


This first released collection is a selection of vintage treasures aged 30 - 70 years in a colour pallet of cream, soft pinks and blues, neutrals and terracottas.

The history and stories of these special treasures holds so much more than an aesthetic. To look at, Moroccan rugs are incredibly artistic and beautiful. To touch - they can be tightly knotted and strong, or soft and plush made from the best quality natural wool from the various regions. With different qualities and thickness depending on the intended use, the sheep and the climate.

The star of this first collection was this already sold treasure (pictured above) A Taznakht area piece in the most beautiful soft and silky handspun local wool - but with a design originating from the small Rhamna region. Most likely made by a Rhamna woman who has married into a Taznakht family and taken her region’s artistic style and design with her. A totally unique carpet with its own story to tell. Now on its way to continue her life in her new home in France ❤️

While this beauty has sold - there are many other gorgeous pieces available in similar colours and styles, including many of the others in these photos. Get in touch now if you have something in mind - I may just have your unicorn available.

x Bridget