Marrakech Artisan Fund

While Morocco's borders remain closed and the locals are looking down the barrel of a Summer with no tourists - the once bustling medina of Marrakech is devastatingly empty. The traders and artisans have come out of the economically crippling 3 month hard lockdown, and while they can now go back to work, there's no one to buy their wares.

The Marrakech Artisan Fund is an initiative set up by some incredible women with the aim of providing the much needed immediate funds for artisans and their families - to put food on the table, pay the rent and tie them over until the city is able to trade again.

You can follow along at the @marrakechartisanfund to see the magic unfold. There's some beautiful photography and stories of the talented and passionate artisans that this fund is supporting, and showcasing their incredible workmanship.

I've been making personal donations to the Artisan fund, as well as the Amal Non Profit - Hope for 1000 families campaign, and other local initiatives that are providing assistance to Nomad families in the Sahara. And for the next month - for every rug sale at Nouvelle Nomad I'll be sending another $50 to the Marrakech Artisan Fund. 

Stay tuned for how Nouvelle Nomad will be supporting this and other initiatives in Marrakech going forward - as this current situation will be affecting the way the locals live, earn and trade for many months and even years to come.

Marrakech Artisan fundMarrakech Artisan FundMarrakech Artisan Fund

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