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Since everyone's lives, inboxes and news feeds have been flooded with so much going on these last few weeks - I wanted to drop in here with a personal note...

This month has obviously been extremely tough on so many Australians with the devastation of the fires reaching across our beautiful country. I've felt very far away and disconnected from it all these last few weeks in Morocco, but keeping up with what I've been getting from the online news channels. Watching from afar, my heart goes out to all involved, fighting and affected. I sincerely hope that's none you personally.

I haven't decided where to send my donations to yet - I don't know enough about where the money is most needed and how it's being spent. If you have a suggestion for me of a particular community, cause or organisation that needs the funds the most I'd be happy to hear about it.

It's also been a noisy week online with Black Friday coming up and and Click Frenzy sales - which has brought up many a discussion in business circles around the appropriateness of these types of sales and messages when there is such a shift towards more conscious consumerism, and in particular at times of disasters like this when our audiences and customers require empathy and understanding - not more shouty sales messages.

I personally haven't engaged in the Click Frenzy or Black Friday sales for the last few years for Nouvelle Nomad - not because I don't want to offer value for our customers - but because it just simply doesn't align with how the collection is curated, what it stands for and where it has come from.

Being entrenched in the fashion industry for close to 20 years prior to starting this business, turning over endless marketing campaigns for product that would be destined for the sale racks at the end of the year - the ethos behind Nouvelle Nomad was the antidote to fast fashion and retail industry waste. Instead focusing on slow and mindful curation, celebrating and repurposing vintage treasures that already exist in this world rather than adding more.

These pieces don't have a use by date, they don't go out of fashion, and they certainly won't be sent to landfill anytime soon.

Each has been selected for it's own story, history and character. They are genuine and authentic vintage artworks made by real people, with real hands, for their own homes and personal purposes - well before they've made their way to the carpet auctions of the mountains and souks of the cities.

And they will be loved for years to come by their new owners. So to add them to a "click frenzy" style sale is just not right.

In saying that - I do want to continue to offer value to many of you who have shopped with me over the last few years. So there are a few offers I permanently have available to subscribers and my beloved returning customers.


While I'm in Marrakech, and before the new collections launch online - I make the pieces available to be purchased via email, and shipped directly to you from Morocco, saving approx 15-30% off the usual online/show room price. This is possible because I'm often still in the middle of preparing, washing and repairing the pieces, haven't taken any fancy photos yet, or spent the time and money to import them back to Australia in bulk quantities which attracts import duties and taxes. So if you're looking for something specific and I have it available... you might be lucky enough to snap up a pre-sale piece at a great price.

15% off when buying 2 or more cushions or floor cushions online is permanently available with the code DOUBLE UP at check out

If you've shopped with me in the past - I'm always happy to offer a second purchase discount. Just drop me an email here if you've got your eye on a new collection treasure to see what I can do for you ;)


I offer a 15% industry discount for genuine trade clients, interior design and commercial projects. So please get in contact if there's a project, home, client or event that you need some beautiful Moroccan treasures for.

I've been taking the slow approach with collecting and preparing the new collection. Curating these pieces with time and care - and I'll be taking the slow approach to selling them too. Making sure they end up in the right homes with people who will genuinely love and cherish them as much as I do.

I hope there's some a beautiful new treasures in the collection that you've fallen in love with. Please get in contact any time if you ever have any question or comments or just to say hello. I love hearing from you!

Have a wonderful week, and all those in fire affected regions please stay safe

x Bridget

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