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Jardin Majorelle | What to do in Marrakech Morocco

Things to do in Marrakech: Majorelle Gardens & the Yves Saint Laurent Museum.

Morocco's vibrant colours have been inspiring artists and designers for centuries.

The country's distinctive architecture, textiles, and decorative arts an endless source of inspiration for interiors, fashion designers, musicians, poets and painters from all over the world.

One of the most iconic examples being the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech.

Jardin Majorelle Marrakech, Morocco | Nouvelle Nomad

Created by French artist Jaques Majorelle around the turn of the century. The grounds of the Majorelle Gardens wrap around it's iconic cubist designed villa that was built in the 1930s.

Used as his artists residency up until the 1950s, after which it was left to ruin.

The property was bought and restored by French designer Yves Saint Laurent in the 1980s. It's now the location of a gallery that displays his artworks, the YSL museum, and where his ashes are famously scattered amongst the gardens.

YSL Museum Marrakech | Architecture and botanical gardens

A trip to Marrakech isn't complete with out a visit to the Majorelle Gardens. A wander around the botanical gardens with it's giant cactus plants is a welcome respite from the dust and heat of the Red City.

Hot tip:

Arrive early in the morning and purchase your ticket for the gardens from the gate.

Purchasing your ticket to visit the Yves Saint Laurent Museum at the same time will help you skip the queues that can often wrap around the street and around the corner later in the day at peak times!

Visiting early will also help you dodge the steady stream of tour groups and influencers with tripods and selfie sticks...

Giant Cactus Gardens Majorelle gardens Marrakech | Nouvelle Nomad

While you're there, don't skip the Berber museum - with it's beautiful and extensive collection of historical Amazigh textiles, jewellery and ceramics.

It's an insightful and educational look into the history and culture of the Berber people and their crafts.

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Meuseum YSL Marrakech, Morocco | Nouvelle Nomad

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